Rosadex, 25 years of sucess


Rosadex, 25 years of success

Our Story

ROSADEX™ is a company committed to growing the highest quality flowers since April 12, 1994. We are located on the equator´s highlands (2920masl) in the lush volcano valley of Cayambe. 
These geographical conditions provide extraordinary characteristics to our flowers, such as great length, strong bud size, more days of vase life, straightness, amazing brightness, and more vivid colors.

Rosadex Farms

Our pride

We offer a world-class product, over 100 varieties from exclusive breeders. 

Rosadex S.A. Premium Rose Varieties

Our Commitment

Over the years we have had horizontal and vertical growth by the constant implementation of new products and the continuous improvement of our value chain in order to deliver the best products of the market.

Rosadex, 25 years of success

Commited on growing world class products

Our Certifications

For more than 25 years ROSADEX has been working hand on hand with different philosophies to eliminate all of the environmental impacts by raising awareness in our people and generating a zero-waste lifestyle in which nothing becomes unwanted. Over the years we have reduced our levels of contamination exponentially. We are constantly updating our knowledge on this subject, so we can have a daily improvement. This is why we annually renew the Rainforest Alliance certification.

Rosadex Rainforest Alliance Certification

Our motivation is to generate employment and contribute to the development of rural areas in Ecuador, always taking care of our employees. That is why we have been part of the BASC certification for more than 15 years.

Basc Certification 2020 - Rosadex

Our Social Impact

Nowadays, we support more than 300 families from Cayambe and the surrounding towns and cities. We expand our areas of production every year, generating job openings annually. Our goal is to empower our people by giving them the opportunity to grow and escalate at the same rhythm as our company does. 

Rosadex Our Commitment

Our commitment is to be better every day, always with our values ahead!

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